Physical and Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Everyone deserves a good work life!
We have created Benefix to challenge the notion that office work is physically and mentally draining. With our preventive e-learning courses focused on mental and physical well-being, both leaders and employees are equipped to create a good work life.


Prevention is more important than treatment once the damage has occurred

Benefix originates from Klausen HR, which mainly works with getting employees who have been sick with stress back to work.

The insights from this are that preventing stress is significantly more important than treating it once the damage has been done. Spotting and stopping stress in time saves the company a lot of money. The Danish Stress Association has calculated that just one stress-related sick leave costs the company around DKK 1 million. If stress is stopped in time, employees are also spared the mentally and physically hard journey that a stress-related sick leave is.

In fact, we believe that stress can be avoided entirely with the right knowledge and tools for mental and physical wellbeing – for both managers and employees.

That’s why we created Benefix, a preventive health programme where everyone can learn to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and avoid stress at their own pace.

What has Benefix done for others?

Customer testimonials and success stories

With our products, you can help yourself to a stress-free life.Read about the success stories of our previous customers here:

Digital Health Dashboard

With the Benefix Health Dashboard, you get a new interaction window with general data about your employees that you can act on in the short and long term. This data-driven stress prevention allows you as a company to reach employees who are known to take sick leave one to one and a half years earlier.

Competency-based Wellbeing courses – on demand

Our various video courses are a toolbox that enables students to prevent, treat and, most importantly, recognise the symptoms of stress.

Mental and physical wellbeing exercises

From more than 1000 completed counselling sessions with key employees on sick leave in our sister company, we know which exercises work.

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