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Who are we and what are we working towards?

Kurt S. Klausen, senior counsellor, psychotherapist and speaker, founded Klausen HR in 2012. In 2023, Klausen HR joined forces with Benefix with the aim of creating the best possible products for our customers and giving even more employees the opportunity for a healthy working life.

første møde da benefix blev opstartet


KLAUSEN was founded by Kurt S. Klausen in August 2012, and from 2020, Kurt ran the counselling sessions together with 10 external psychologists.

Kurt is an educated psychotherapist, which enables him to sell VAT-free services. However, from the start, he chose to offer VAT-taxed services to the B2B market.

With the KLAUSEN services, we want to give all employees the opportunity for a healthy working life.

The company has experienced solid growth since its beginning and the mother company APV Holding ApS has solid equity. KLAUSEN ApS is owned by Kurt S. Klausen’s holding company APV Holding ApS.

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Vi giver dig de rette værktøjer til at bekæmpe og forebygge stress på arbejdspladsen


In December 2020, the tech company Benefix ApS was founded with the purpose of developing on-demand wellbeing courses. In February 2021, psychologist Helle Rasmussen was hired as CQO and thus responsible for the development of our on-demand wellbeing courses. In March 2021, psychologist Peter Møller Jensen became a co-owner, and in October 2021, tech investor Jesper Hartvigsen discovered KLAUSEN’s services through his role as CEO of a company focused on employee wellbeing. He decided to buy 10% of Benefix.

In April 2022, we launched a beta version of our Wellbeing Learning Platform for Klausen HR’s customers. The year 2022 ended with our selection for an accelerator programme at INCUBA, which began on 1 April 2023. In the summer of 2023, we will launch our new concept, giving even more employees the opportunity for a great working life.

Benefix is owned by 3 holding companies, all of which have solid equity: Benefix ApS is owned by psychologist Peter Møller Jensen’s holding company, tech investor Jesper Hartvigsen’s holding company, and Kurt S. Klausen’s holding company, APV Holding ApS.

Who are we?

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